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Can't go to Japan?
I will bring Japan to you!

Healthy Tasty Authentic

Japanese Cooking Classes

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Learn to cook authentic Japanese food

You may know Sushi, Ramen, Teppanyaki, but there is so much more amazing Japanese food! Japanese cuisine has been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage and travelers to Japan have been able to taste the large range of yummy Japanese meals. 

Now you can enjoy your favorite dishes without having to leave your home. Book a cooking class with me and I will come to your house to teach you how to cook authentic Japanese food! I will bring all ingredients and any special utensils from Japan with me when I come to your house (Gold Coast & Tweed Coast area).

Let me share our country's passion for food with you and create a wonderful experience together!


Browse through the classes below, whet your appetite and book your class online!

When you participate in a class, you will receive:

- Hands-on tutoring

- Knowledge of common Japanese ingredients & cooking practices

- Cooking lesson in English / Japanese

- Lunch that you created

- Recipe cards for the dishes

- Shopping list that helps you find the ingredients at your local Japanese / Asian store

- Name tag written in calligraphy

- Surprise dessert





Wear a traditional Japanese Yukata while cooking

Special experience highly liked by previous customers!

Wear a traditional Japanese casual Kimono (Yukata) while taking your class.

I will show you how to dress up and you can take photos while cooking and outside with some scenery.

Yukata 10, 6, 2


I was born in Shiga, just a few minutes away from Kyoto, Japan. My village is surrounded by mountains and the biggest lake in Japan. My ancestors used to run a Ryokan (Japanese hotel), and I want to continue the tradition of giving Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality). My grandma and great grandma showed me how to cook traditional Japanese food, and my mum taught me how to make sweets. I moved to Australia in 2012 and started to focus more on my health. As I missed traditional Japanese food, I started cooking our family recipes here. My goal is to make people happy and healthy through my Japanese food!

I hold a Certificate of Natural Food Coordinator.


Follow me on Instagram @japanesecookingclass_goldcoast


You can get the latest recipes, ideas and news.

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