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Yukata is a traditional summer dress, a casual type of Kimono.

It has been worn for over 400 years in Japan.

It's made of light and breathable material,

so it's a perfect choice for warmer weather on the Gold Coast.

Envelop yourself in Japanese culture by wearing a Yukata during your cooking class!

YUKATA Sizes & Design 

You can choose from 14 different designs for ladies and 4 different designs for men. 

You can see the different designs in the pictures below and inform me of your choice in the booking form.

Cost: $40 pp with your cooking class

IMG_9279 (1).JPG

Ladies Size XS-M

Choose number from 1-10

Ladies Size L-2XL

Choose number from 11-14

Mens Size S-L

Choose from A-D

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